Jack Ma Thanks Female Medical Staff With Financial Surprise

Alibabas Jack Ma showed immense gratitude towards all the women who volunteered on the front lines to support medical efforts against COVID-19 in Hubei province with the following message on Women's Day:

To all the women medical staff who insisted on supporting Hubei hospitals and other facilities and workers in the region, your Ant Credit Pay balance will be doubled every month, interest-free, for the next three years.


As members of a medical team in Liaoning province, twin sisters Qimeiyan and Qimeiling recorded themselves on Weibo thanking the tech mogul for his kind gesture.

They provided some context around their efforts, explaining that their working in Hubei forced them to postpone their weddings and wanted to wait until their fight would be over before making honeymoon plans with their respective husbands.


The twins nurses flew to Xiangyang, Hubei province, with their medical team on February 14.

To their surprise, Jack Ma responded to the post shortly after it was posted with an unexpected announcement.

He asked them to inform him when their wedding day would finally take place so that he could send some blessings. 

He ended the message with Uncle Ma.


Bride and wedding photos theyd taken before:

We are also looking forward to the success of Qimeiyan and Qimeiling return to become the most beautiful bride.


We look forward to hearing more about Qimeiyans and Qimeilings weddings.

In the meantime, we wish all medical staff who are still working on the front lines the safest and fastest journey home!

Source: Weibo

Editor: Crystal H

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