Country to Streamline Visa Process for Chinese Technicians

   Source: OT-Team(G),Global Times; Indian Express   According to the Indian Express on July 4th, The Indian government is working on a framework to process visa applications for the entry of Chinese and other foreign technicians needed in non Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme sectors to boost production, a senior government official said.   DPIIT Secretary Rajesh Kumar Singh at a press briefing said that a framework for entry of technicians in PLI sectors already exists and that the government is looking at extending it to other non-PLI beneficiaries which are operating in those same strategic sectors.   "We felt if one is getting a subsidy and a visa clearance, the other is not … at least he should also get a streamlined process. The final decision has not been taken but we are moving in that direction and we are hopeful that it will be done," the Secretary said.   The Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs will take the final call, Singh said.