"I Don't Speak Chinese" : Foreign Child Lost, Then。。。


Source: OT-Team(G),上海广播电视台

  On the afternoon of July 1st, shortly after 5 PM, a young boy was seen pacing back and forth in the transfer corridor of Xujiahui Metro Station. Eventually, he approached a bakery and sought help from the staff, who promptly reported to the police. Upon receiving the report, Metro Police Officer Shen Longyun rushed to the scene.

  Officer Shen Longyun explained, "When I found the young boy, he appeared very nervous and agitated. It seemed like he had just cried. I asked him about his situation, but since he didn't speak Chinese and couldn't remember his mother's phone number, I communicated with him in English to reassure him and ease his fears."

  During their conversation, Officer Shen learned that the boy often used social media apps to communicate with his mother, but his phone didn't have a Chinese SIM card, preventing him from connecting to the internet. To help him, Officer Shen shared his mobile hotspot, allowing the boy to contact his mother.

  After a brief voice call with his mother and with assistance from the police and metro staff, the boy was soon reunited with his mother. Before leaving, the boy's mother requested a photo with Officer Shen to commemorate their specia.