New Relaxation of Housing Policies for Foreigners!

Source: OT-Team(G),澎湃新闻; 环球网

  Guangzhou Eases Property Rules for Foreign Buyers!

  On July 8, in response to rumors circulating online about Guangzhou easing housing purchase restrictions for residents from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and foreign nationals—specifically, that there are no purchase limits for residential properties over 120 square meters—the reporters called the Guangzhou 12345 Government Service Hotline to confirm the validity of this information.

  A hotline representative stated, "Based on the information we have received, the latest update to the relevant policy was on July 5, and the policy is already in effect."

Residential Housing Policy

  A representative from the hotline stated that foreign nationals (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents, as well as overseas Chinese) who submit proof of work or study in the city, along with a copy of their employer's valid business license or organization code certificate, and a written declaration that the purchased property is for personal use, can purchase one residential unit under 120 square meters in restricted areas. In non-restricted areas, or for properties over 120 square meters in restricted areas, there are no purchase limits.

  Hong Kong and Macao residents shall submit their applicant's identification documents and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, as well as relevant certificates for work and study provided by Taiwan residents and overseas Chinese in Guangzhou. They shall also make a written commitment to purchase commercial housing for their own use. If the materials provided meet the requirements, they may purchase a residential unit of 120 square meters or less within the restricted purchase area of this city. There is no limit on the number of units when purchasing residential units of 120 square meters or more in non restricted purchase areas of this city.

Non-Residential Property Policy Adjustments
  The representative also mentioned that the policy for purchasing non-residential properties has been adjusted. Foreign nationals are now allowed to buy commercial service properties, but the buyer must provide a written declaration stating that the property is for personal use. In addition, foreign nationals (excluding Hong Kong and Macau residents) must submit proof of work or study in the city and a copy of their employer's valid business license or organization code certificate.
  Hong Kong and Macau residents must submit proof of identity and their travel permit to Chinese mainland. Taiwan residents and overseas Chinese need to provide proof of work or study in Guangzhou.
  According to the relevant notice, the restricted housing purchase areas in Guangzhou include Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, and Baiyun (excluding Jianggao Town, Taihe Town, Renhe Town, and Zhongluotan Town), and Nansha. Within these restricted areas, purchases of housing units with a floor area exceeding 120 square meters (not including 120 square meters) are not subject to purchase limits.