Zhejiang CoViD-19: Hangzhou Releases Epidemic Risk Map!

Source: HangzhouTube

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On February 19, Hangzhou released CoViD-19 Risk Level in Hangzhou Villages & Towns (Streets). Among them, there are 3 places with relatively high risk, 8 with medium risk, 73 with relatively low risk, and 95 with low risk.

Hangzhou Launches Free Online Job Fair

Hangzhou talent market held 2020 Hangzhou online job fair through its official website (www.hzrc.com), providing free online recruitment services. 1473 employers from different industries have participated in the online recruitment providing 31137 positions, including sales, construction engineering, management, personnel administration, computer software Parts, R & D, production and procurement, logistics, etc. Enterprises and job seekers can scan the QR code below to sign up.

Hangzhou Customs Launches Online System to Help Enterprises

Hangzhou Customs Enterprise Interaction Platform (Special Edition for Work Resumption) developed by Hangzhou Customs has been put into trial operation. Users can put forward difficulties, questions and suggestions about customs business on the platform, and timely feedback will be given by SMS.


  • Hangzhou Customs of the PRC:


  • Hangzhou branch of China Electronic Port Data Center: 


Zhejiang Launches TCM Recommendation for CoViD-19 Prevention

According to Yueqing daily, on February 18, Zhejiang Administration of TCM and Zhejiang Medical Security Bureau jointly launched the "recommendation formula for prevention of epidemic diseases with traditional Chinese medicine". The formula, which is used to improve peoples health and strike against the epidemic has been temporarily listed in Zhejiang medical insurance. According to Professor Song Jiemin, doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University of TCM, the prescription is applicable to the general population, the old and the weak.

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Starts Health-Code Reception

To further control the epidemic and ensure peoples safety, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) has been the first to start the mechanism of receiving patients as per Health Code since February 17th. Patients and their companions must have obtained a Health Code before coming to the hospital. The elderly without health code can enter the hospital with ID card / Pass.

Construction Delay Caused by Epidemic Belongs to "Force Majeure"

According to Dong Tianle, deputy director of Hangzhou Construction Commission at the press conferences on CoViD-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control held on February 18, the delay in the construction period caused by epidemic prevention and control is a force majeure situation in the contract.

The construction unit shall postpone the construction period agreed in the contract, and the loss and cost increase caused by the impact of epidemic shall be shared reasonably by the employer and the contractor. Special funds for epidemic prevention and control shall be separately calculated in the project cost, and the validity period of qualification certificate of construction enterprises shall be extended.

West Lake Scenic Spots Open

According to the West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou, from February 19, the West Lake scenic area would open scenic spots in an orderly manner according to the regulations. In principle, the open-air scenic spots will open during normal business hours, and other closed places such as museums would remain closed. The scenic spots would carry out real-time tourist volume control, and the daily reception shall not exceed 50% of the carrying capacity in principle, and the group tourists shall not exceed 30 people and be arranged to enter the park at intervals. All tourists are required to wear masks to visit.

International Friendly Cities Extend Concerns to Ningbo

According to cnnb.com.cn, in the critical period when the Chinese people are fighting the epidemic, Ningbo received cordial sympathy and sincere blessing from more than 20 international sister cities and institutions, including Japan, South Korea, Britain, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Benin, Romania and Morocco. Japan has donated nearly 70,000 masks, nearly 1000 sets of protective clothing and gloves and 600 sets of disinfection equipment to Ningbo, Yuyao, Fenghua and Ninghai.

Yiwu "Epidemic Prevention Cabin" Taxis Come into Service

Yiwu implemented a new measure to prevent the epidemic by installing isolation cabins in taxis to ensure the health and safety of drivers and passengers. The cabin is made of plastic film and is installed behind the front seats, which can isolate the air flow inside the vehicle, but it will not affect driving safety. On February 18, the first 300 taxis equipped with "isolation cabin" were officially launched in Yiwu. The protective gear will be installed to all taxis within three days.

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