Jobs Latin Dance Teachers| 10K - 15K RMB per month

Job description

Recruitment conditions: Foreign nationality: mother tongue can be non-native language Education: Undergraduate and above Foreign teacher's personal situation: Latin dance-related teaching experience is preferred. Except for Islamists. Contract period: more than one year Salary: Salary and payment method: general level 8000 yuan, medium level 10000 yuan, high level and experienced 12000-18000 yuan, accommodation: accommodation provided Holidays: National Holidays and Winter Holidays (about one month a year) Ticket Reimbursement: Reimbursement of once-a-year tickets Visa processing: free work visa (undergraduate education, provide no proof of crime, two years of dance teacher recommendation letter) Medical and Accident Insurance: Accident Insurance Travel and transportation: reimbursement of transportation expenses within the work Teaching assistants: helpful If the employed party has a family member, the cost is self-inflicted


What to do: Working hours: No more than 35 hours per week, flexible shift. Take a break on Monday. After 4 o'clock in the week. Saturday and Sunday work all day. Teaching Courses: Dance Courses Student age: 6 years and older Class size: small class system, no more than 15 people per class Sitting: Flexible shifts except during class hours.          

Required Languages


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