In Their Fight Against the Virus, Medical Staff Did This

According to Guo Yanhong, an official with the National Health Commission, China has dispatched more than 30,000 medical staff, including elite medical groups, to assist in the fight against the (COVID-19) outbreak in the epicenter city of Wuhan.

Of those 30,000 medics, 11,000 are intensive care specialists, making up approximately 10 percent of the country's total number of intensive care medics.

Guo also reported three top-level medical groups led by Chinese academicians, namely Zhong Nanshan, Li Lanjuan and Wang Chen, have also joined the fight at the frontline.

Needless to say, help is always on the way to care for those in need during such difficult times.

But how far are those volunteer medics willing to go?

A recent video uploaded on social media proves it and has moved many netizens across the country.

In the afternoon of February 15, the third batch of medical teams from Gansu province was getting ready to head out and assist teams on the front line in Hubei province.

Among this batch stood 15 nurses working with the Gansu Province Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital.

Ages range from 26 years old to 37, counting 14 women and 1 man, all of whom specialize in critical and emergency care, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.

To ensure the safest possible conditions when working with patients, all nurses were required to shave their heads which, as you can imagine, was a much harder order to take for women as it was for the male nurse.

Regardless of their tears, despite the internal pain of having to lose their long hair, everyone was eager to go help those in need in Hubei province and complied with the command.

When the hair clipper pushed along the scalp, watching strands of long hair fall to the ground, many girls were in tears.

At the age of beauty, they resolutely cut off their long hair to protect more people.

This isnt the only case of nurses and other medical staff having to shave their heads during the outbreak.

What do we care how we look and what kind of haircut we have when we go out to risk our lives so we can save many more! one nurse said, enthusiastically.

Despite being far away from those working on the front lines, all we can do is send our prayers and encouragement. Were immensely grateful to have people who are willing to dedicate their expertise and lives to help many others, in China and around the world.

Thank you!

Source: CCTV/ weibo

Editor: Crystal H


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