13 Types of WeChat Users We All Have on Our Contact List

Netizens have gathered information and shared different types of WeChat users they have. 

And they are so on point! 

Let's have a look. 

Their typical behavior is usually one of the following:


They keep pushing their product sales on their Moments. All. The. Time.


Theyll send you tons of audio messages of 50 seconds or more out of nowhere, and if you dont listen carefully enough and didnt get what they were saying, you have to play the whole message again Or worse, you have to stop whatever it is youre doing to listen to their messages, which takes way longer than reading them.  

Im lucky to have good communication with my own friends on WeChat. If what they have to say is too long to type or theyre not in a position to text, theyll explain and let me know that theyll send me audio messages instead.


They send you 10 separate messages for one sentence. 


Theyll keep on calling you, not bothering to ask if its a convenient time for you to talk.


They send you: "The system is checking the identity of the contacts who deleted me, please do not reply. Sorry for troubling you.   

I get this message occasionally.


Theyll ask to borrow money from you, but when you ask them to give it back to you later on, theyll either ghost you or block you completely.

I think its fair to say that those people were NOT your friends.


Theyll message you with a short "Hi", "Hey, how are you?" or " zi m? (Are you online?)" but when you answer, they get back to you hours later.

And THEN theyll say Hey, sorry I was busy. Whats up?



You don't know him/her very well, but they keep asking the kinds of questions only close friends would ask.


The only time they ever message you are during holidays to wish you the usual blessings.


You rarely talk and the only times they really want to talk to you are when they need something from you, like a vote for their brand or for themselves, or for discount.


They mass message groups to ask people to like whatever they posted on their Moments, only to realize once youre on it that theyve already blocked you from their Moments Awkward. 


They add you as a friend on WeChat and send you a message just to say Hi but you were busy and didnt get to your phone until hours later. When you finally check it, you find out theyve already deleted you

Wait... What?!


Theyll randomly add you and not message you. 

You ask them Who are you? and they never reply

Do you have any of those friends on your WeChat? 

Let us know in the comment section below!

Editor: Crystal H

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