Woman Takes Medicine to Evade Wuhan Flu Checks, Goes to France

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B., SCMP

According to SCMP, Chinese embassies have urged citizens to comply with airport health checks after a situation happened.

A woman posted photos of herself in France, on WeChat, saying that she was feeling ill when she left Wuhan, so she took medicine to bring down her fever.

Translation of Yans Moments:

"Finally, I can have a good meal. I feel that I've been hungry for two days. Of course, I'm going to eat Michelin restaurant in Lyon, a city of gourmets. This time, it's quite smooth. There's no BUG. Before I left Wuhan, I still had a low fever and a cough. I was scared to death. I took a lot of medicine and kept taking my temperature. Fortunately, my temperature has fallen down. It's also very smooth for me to leave China and enter France."

The Chinese traveller wrote that she had flu-like symptoms before she left Wuhan.

It is not known which airport in France the woman travelled through, or what day she had arrived.

Her posts were met with criticism online, and the Chinese Embassy became involved.


"According to the official website of the Chinese Embassy in France, recently, our embassy received a number of calls or emails from Chinese citizens, saying that a woman from Wuhan released information under her WeChat moments saying that she had fever and cough, before leaving for France and thus she intentionally took antipyretic drugs to get through with airport testing. After learning the above information, we attached great importance to it. This evening, we managed to contact the woman, surnamed Yan and asked her to call 15 (French emergency number) as soon as possible and inform the relevant emergency department to handle it."

French authorities have mentioned that they would seperate any passengers with a fever, as to give them a check by emergency health personnel.



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