How I Got Infected by the Wuhan Virus & Can it Be Controlled?

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On January 21st, 2020, as per the CCTV News, Wang Guangfa, an expert from the Peking University First Hospital, who went to Wuhan with the National Health Commission, was suspected of having pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus and was under isolation treatment, which has aroused netizens' concern for him.

Fortunately, in the late night of January 22nd, Wang got much better, and wrote a long post on his personal Weibo to the public on two issues. First of all, he answered the most critical question that the Wuhan epidemic will be under control eventually. Secondly, he explained how he was infected.

Wangs Weibo post

Here is the whole translation about his post.

Finally, I am getting better. Thank you all for your concern, support and help. After one day's treatment, I'm very happy that I have no fever today. And I also feel up to browsing the WeChat, SMS and other online news. What is really moving! So many prayers, blessings and encouragements from acquaintances and strangers. I sincerely want to thank you for your kindness and concern. Of course, I also receive some queries from the public, including some media in HK, such as "Were you telling that the Wuhan pneumonia could be prevented and controlled? Why did you get the coronavirus yourself? " You were a national expert but you're infected. Are you defective in protection? ". Today, my condition is getting better. Thus, I think about these questions from the technical level. I want to talk to you about them!"

1. Is the epidemic really preventable and controllable?

"The answer is yes, eventually the epidemic will be under control. However, the measures to achieve epidemic control are different in different stages. Today's epidemic control in Wuhan is different from that in other areas. In the early stage of the epidemic, the treatment measures for the South China Seafood Market were effective, and the virus was initially identified. This is undoubtedly great progress compared with the SARS epidemic in 2003. With the identification of etiology, nucleic acid diagnostic methods have been developed rapidly. Although experts have argued about the sensitivity and specificity of detection, this undoubtedly provides a strong guarantee for epidemic control. 

At that time, we did not have any data to confirm the infectivity of the disease and the susceptibility of the population, so we cannot forget whether the judgment is strong or weak. Before I went back to Beijing, I realized that the epidemic situation had worsened obviously. But it is still preventable and controllable. However, society has to pay more for this, including family, human, health and economy. The key is that we should act according to local conditions."

2. How did I get infected?

"This is a question I have been asking myself since I was ill. I combed my track and details in Wuhan. The most likely are two nodes. First, I went to Jinyintan hospital in Wuhan the next day to see severe patients in ICU. I had a close contact with them when there was just in time for their intubations. However, I was all armed, and I also wore an anti-spit screen, so the possibility of infection was very small. Another node was to visit fever clinics and temporary isolation wards in several hospitals two days before returning to Beijing. The fever clinics in some hospitals were so crowded, where they may have contained patients with new coronavirus pneumonia. Absolutely, we were on high alert too. All of us were wearing N95 masks. But I recalled all the thing I have done in those days, I most likely had my infection was in the fever clinics. I suddenly realized when I was there I didnt wear my protective goggles."

"An important clue was that my earliest symptom after back to Beijing was conjunctivitis of my left lower eyelid, which was very light. Catarrhal symptoms and fever occurred 2-3 hours later. Based on the cases I have seen, conjunctivitis was not the first manifestation. At that time, I also took this as the basis to exclude myself from the new coronavirus pneumonia, and to more consider that it was the flu. However, the anti influenza treatment was ineffective and fever was intermittent. Finally, a new coronavirus nucleic acid test was performed and it was positive. It showed that my conjunctivitis was probably also caused by the new coronavirus, and it was the first local conjunctiva. Therefore, I was highly suspected that the virus entered the conjunctiva first and then my whole body. If this assumption was true, my protective blind spot was missing to wear the protective goggles.

On January 23rd, another expert said on an interview, which released on the CCTV News, that for the ordinary people, wearing masks was enough to prevent themselves from being infected. Be safe everyone!

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