2019's Trending Chinese Buzzwords - Do You Know Any?

The end of 2019 is fast approaching 

Have you written down next years resolutions yet?

While you get your list sorted out (it might take a minute or two) we thought wed take a trip down memory lane by showing you what the most trending Chinese buzzwords of 2019.

Make sure you take notes so you can impress your Chinese friends next time you see them!

[nng mng jng]

Direct translation: Lemon essence

means sour grapes

Definition: a self-deprecating expression of admiration for others, from their appearance to their inner being, from their material life to their emotional life.


A: I just got a new gift from my boyfriend!

B: Wow! As a single dog, now I am a !!


(No, its not a typo)

Definition: This is used as the acronym of [zhn qng sh gn]" which translates roughly to real /sincere feelings. This is typically used among friends and acquaintances as a way of expressing their true feelings without having anyone reading a full, clear sentence.

For example: I don't have any zqsg for him anymore Hes no longer my idol!

y n w gu

Direct translation: rain woman without melon.

Interpretation: This was born out of a childrens TV show when the prince, after wearing a mask all day long, meant to say Its none of your business which sounded like rain woman without melon in Cantonese!


A: Why are you wearing this weird shirt?


So if you ever feel like saying thats none of your business is a little too straightforward Try y n w gu next time! 

pn t


Definition: To express affection for someone or something, or to hold something in one's hands firmly and close to your heart. Its also used as a way to tease someone.

Example:  I see something wrong with John! Let's pn t!


Definition: People are interchanging the order of numbers in the year 2019 to emphasize how far away into the future something is.

Example: "It's 9012 already Why cant I find love?!

OMG, OMG, mi t

Beauty blogger Li Jiaqi records videos of himself applying the lipstick of various beautiful colors on Douyin. Every time he tried a new one, he would also say Oh my god! This color is so beautiful! Buy it, buy it, buy it!

Now almost every beauty blogger or online seller says "OMG, !

Now let's take a look back at the top buzzwords of 2018.

/ Xio g g/ Xiao ji ji)

 cute boy / pretty girl


 lad / lass


E.g. Hey /wanna go for a drink?


(qu rn gu yan shn, y jin du de rn)

"From what I can see in your eyes, I know you are my Mr. Right."

This is originally a lyric from a song by JJ Lin called <>, but now people use it to refer to someone who shares a common interest with them.

E.g. What?! You like this TV show too? . 

C (C wi ch do)

C here stands for center the main member in a pop group gets the best position to perform in, which is the center position.

means debut, and can be used as a verb or noun - now people use it when something or someone is so awesome that they can debut as the center/top member in their game.

E.g. OMG youre such a good dancer! You really should C

Gng jng

Contrarian. People you want to punch in the face when they ask silly questions.

We had an article about How to Tell if You Have GangJing Friends. Click in the link and check it out.

(Fo xi)

"Buddha-like" "Buddhist, Buddha lifestyle.

Being Buddhist means casual, calm, breezy, but used negatively can be close to a "slacker", with no desires, no needs, and no expectations. They yearn to be free of strong feelings, not to take anyone or anything too seriously.

A special word used for those who say okay, no problem, whatever, I dont care.

Do you know any of these buzzwords? 

Do you have better ones? 

Let us know!!!

Editor: Crystal Huang


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