Earn 80-200RMB an hour teaching online with Language Master

Imagine getting thousands or more every month only from your phone just by teaching English to Chinese students on your phone? Well, I discovered a pretty cool APP Language Master that allows you to teach at your convenience anywhere, anytime. You can set your own rates, set your own schedule and make quick cash. Easy Peasy.


Teaching English as a second language is a booming business in most non-English speaking countries. Most of the people hardly speak English so this App connect these students to English speakers who will chat and help them Master the English language.

The Language Master App is a platform that is based in China. The students are mostly based in China, you can set your own rates after you complete the first 3 hours of tutoring. It is advisable though to start lower and raise the prices when you start getting good reviews from students. The suggested rate per minute is between 1-1.5 RMB, but for a teacher, with lots of experience and degrees related to Teaching and English, the rates could be 2-3 RMB or even higher.


To apply, just download the Language Master App from the App Store or Google Play store and enter your email or phone number

You will receive a code. Make sure you save it for future use. Submit a short bio, an audio and your best pictures. You will be invited for an interview which will last about 15 minutes. If you pass the interview, you will be invited to join the Language Master teachers group where the staff will help you to set up the APP. After that, you can start receiving calls right away. Always remember to check the status bar...If you cant take classes it should read busy If you can, it should read available . When the phone rings, be ready to take your first class.



Yes, it is very legit but it also requires you to put in the extra effort. Teachers can earn a minimum of 1000 RMB up to 20,000+ RMB not including bonuses. The payment comes through WeChat pay, Alipay or Paypal every month. The APP is getting more and more popular each day which means more students join the platform every day. Most of them are shy, so you need to approach them and invite them to try your class and see if its compatible with their needs. If you really want to make a lot of money, make sure you have the right credentials, to commit to a lot of hours and give the students feedback and tips on how they can do better.


Language Master has a policy of rewarding official teachers when you get students to sign up for official courses including conversational English, IELTS, and kids English. The rate is not bad, ranging from 15%-30%. So you will start earning a lot more if you can have more students to sign-up for the official courses. So every time after the call, when I know that my student had a great class with me, I encourage him/her to sign-up.T he more sign-ups, the more bonus you get. Keep in mind though, not to be so pushy when offering the official course.

This is just a sample of my message:

Hello Jake, I got a course perfect for you. This can give you RMB 101 savings. It has interesting materials that could definitely help you improve. It's good for 600 minutes. My course only costs RMB 799. Its very flexible. If ever you are interested, simply go to my front page and grab it. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

I'm enjoying this APP so far...So rewarding ...

Keep in mind that a teacher who devotes more hours to this APP will obviously make more than a teacher who spends only an hour each day. So its important for the teacher to decide how much time they are willing to spend on the APP. In the beginning, a teacher can make about 3000 RMB a month, while on average they can make about 6000 RMB. Popular teachers earn about 15000 RMB a month. So you can start from the bottom and work your way up. Sounds like a good deal, doesnt it?

You can find the App by searching 

Language Master or () 

in the App Store or google play store.  

Scan the QR-Code below to download the App

and get started on teaching immediately

If you have any problems downloading the app, 

please  scan the QR code below for advice.

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