Foreigner Found with Infectious Disease? Official Response

Source: OT-Team(G),潇湘晨报; 正观新闻

  Rumors of a foreign guest at the Pullman Hotel has been found to a serious infectious disease have drawn public attention, prompting official denials.

  On July 2nd, a netizen posted a screenshot of an emergency notification online. The notice claimed that a foreign guest staying at the Pullman Hotel had been found by customs to have an infectious disease. The netizen further commented, "I heard it's a Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome(STSS), very toxic."
  In response, the Yongjia County Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Wenzhou clarified in a media interview, stating, "No, there's no such thing. It's not STSS. Some of the information is inaccurate; please refer to official sources."
  The Pullman Hotel also responded, saying, "Recently, the epidemic prevention office issued a unified notice for regular mosquito extermination. We have not received any notification regarding STSS."