Four US Teachers Were Stabbed in a Park

On Monday, four American teachers from Cornell College in Iowa, who were invited to teach at Beihua University through a cooperation program, were stabbed in a park in Jilin city. The local police swiftly apprehended the 55-year-old male suspect, who allegedly attacked the teachers and a Chinese tourist who tried to intervene after a minor collision.

Police statement Photo: screenshot

At 11:49 am on Monday, police received report of the incident at the park. Police officers quickly arrived at the scene, immediately sent the injured victims to the hospital for treatment, and swiftly went to capture the suspect. 

The victims, who are not in life-threatening condition, were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment upon the police's arrival at the scene. The suspect, surnamed Cui, was arrested on the same day.

In response to the incident, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said on Tuesday that all the injured were rushed to hospital and received proper medical treatment, adding that none of them is in critical condition. Preliminary police assessment shows it is an isolated incident. Further investigation is still under way, the spokesperson said.

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