Expat Stops People From Littering, Video Gets 1.4 Million Views

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 6, 2020, a video about a foreign man in Shanghai having an argument with a Chinese man and his mother over littering was released by China's mainstream media, which soon sparked a heated discussion on WeiBo.

The Announcement

What Happened

According to the video, on April 5, the foreign man went out and ran into a man and his mother, and they had an argument over garbage dumping.

Expat: Very good, garbage dumped at the door.

The man: We are about to take it, not dumping here.

Expat: "What, dont lie! If I didnt catch you and told you not to do it, youll just leave it here, right? It is not right to dump garbage here, as then there will be rats and worms, it is not good. The garbage can is just over there. Just go and place it there. That's the right thing to do. Everyone should know this. Dump your garbage in the right place."

Per the video, the Man's mother then shouted: "did he see me leave the garbage here? I took it away but he still scolded me. I said how could you do this to me? He said that he just wanted to scold me, and I had a quarrel with him. "

Meanwhile, the man called the police, and said, "a foreigner here called Chinese people trash."

"Nonono, you are trash, not the Chinese people, why you say so! " The expat shouted, "No, no, no. liar, liar, liar! Its all in my video, you can listen. There is the evidence. "

Above is what recorded in the video. As of now, there is no further progress in this case.

Comments from Netizens

As per the news staff, up till now, the video has reached 1.4 million views in one account, where roughly 2,000 WeiBo users commented on the issue. Here are some of the most liked comments.

Translation: This time I support the foreigner!

Translation: The expat did a great job, definitely we cant have double standards.

Translation: This woman and her son shame all the Shanghainese. I hate this kind of woman the most, a unreasonable shouter.

Translation: You guys litter around, and then slander!

Translation: Honestly speaking, this foreigner is so cute and his Chinese is not bad. Perspective-taking once, if I were in his shoes, I might be crying thanks to my broken English.

Translation: Terrible! This man is awful. Without this video, they could easily label the foreigner as someone who calls all the Chinese garbage. And then people will not see why this argument happens and the foreigner will have no way to defend himself.

Translation: Incredibly ashamed of this two Chinese, they took the language advantage and argued in Shanghai dialect with a foreigner who can't speak Chinese well, how shameful!

Translation : Justice without boundary

Watch the video below: