5 Foreigners Sick in Guangzhou & Cause Lockdown? FAKE NEWS!

Source: China Daily, ECNS, CGTN

The news stating that foreigners were sick, and caused a lockdown was FAKE.

A man in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, suspected of spreading false information about the coronavirus pandemic is under investigation, the police said on Tuesday.

The man, surnamed Song, 35, posted the material on WeChat on Monday, saying that a village in Guangzhou had been sealed off and a Fangcang shelter hospital was going to be built.

The post, which followed fake news of five foreigners testing positive for the coronavirus in the city's Kuangquan Street area, resulted in multiple online forwards and created social anxiety, the police said.

A statement released by the local government late on Monday said Yaotai village, which is in the Kuangquan area, was not sealed off, and residents and cars could enter the area in accordance with quarantine rules.

"There's no such thing as 'lockdown' of Yaotai Community," Yan Qiang, an official with Guangzhou's Yuexiu District said during Tuesday's press conference, adding that the community has tightened controls in accordance with the requirements of virus outbreak prevention and control.

"People and cars are free to come in or go out as long as they have municipal health codes and also finish other procedures including temperature check and wearing masks," he said.

The official also quashed rumors that there were 300,000 African expats in the district. "A total of 3,462 foreign nationals now reside in Yuexiu District. The top five countries with the most number of people here are 350 from the U.S., 308 from Mali, 227 from Nigeria, 208 from Canada and 200 from Australia."

As of Monday, the city had reported 111 imported cases of the novel coronavirus, including 86 Chinese returnees and 25 foreigners.