Demand For Video Game Trainer on Rise in China!

Video game trainers, or professionals who earn money by teaching people how to play video games, have become more popular in recent years with the development of e-sports.

Data from one video game teaching platform showed that over 27 million video gamers looked for professionals to teach them in 2019, about 68 percent of whom were from the post-1995 generation.

The enormous demand has prompted many video gamers to take a career in teaching others to play games. According to a game teaching app, 2.9 million game teachers joined the platform last year, 1.29 million of whom earned money by sharing their gaming skills.

The average monthly income of full-time game trainers in the app reached 7,857 yuan, while the figure for part-time practitioners stood at 2,929 yuan.

E-sports is very flexible when it comes to the age of game trainers. The average age of game gurus at one platform is 23.3, with the oldest being 39, a relatively old age compared to other practitioners in the e-sports industry.

With the popularity of game trainers growing, the China Communications Industry Association Electronic Sports Branch issued a standard on the profession in 2019, which indicates that the occupation has been officially recognized and regulated by the country.

The standard divides practitioners into primary, intermediate and advanced levels. A candidate must pass examinations on theories and skills before being certified for their professional skills.

It is estimated that about 50,000 people had registered or pre-registered to take the examinations to become an e-sports trainer by Feb. 1, with 2,500 to 3,000 gaining the certification.


Editor: Crystal H

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