More Places Have Announced The Reopening of Schools

Several provinces have announced the reopening of schools for certain levels of students.

Among them: 

Guizhou: Juniors and seniors will officially resume classes on March 16.

Shanxi: Third graders will start school back on March 25, while final year university students will be back in school in early April.

Qinghai: In principle, regular high schools and secondary vocational schools will open in succession from March 9 to 13. Junior high schools will open from March 16 to 20.

Xinjiang: Juniors and seniors in Grade 3, as well as final year students in secondary vocational schools, will resume classes on March 16.

According to local education department, students in primary schools, senior and junior high schools and vocational colleges in Xinjiang will return to school on March 23, as the coronavirus spread has been curbed.

Jiangsu: Starting from March 30, 2020, schools at all levels in the province will open in batches and at different peaks.

The grade 3 of senior high school and junior high school will start on March 30.

Other primary and secondary schools will open on April 7.

College students begin classes on April 13;

According to the latest response from the Ministry of Education, schools should meet the following three conditions when considering reopening their doors:

1. The epidemic in their province and area has been declared under control, which must be determined by relevant expert medical authorities.

2. Parents must all believe, or at least agree for the most part, that sending their children back to school is safe.

3. The necessary prevention and control procedures will be put in place after resuming classes to provide assistance if needed.

Editor: Crystal H

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