Public Transport Resumed in Hubei's Virus-hit Cities

Xiaogan, one of the cities that hit hard by the novel coronavirus outbreak in central China's Hubei Province, on Saturday resumed public transport after the city had been locked down for nearly two months.

Operation of buses, cabs, online car-hailing services and inter-county buses resumed from Saturday noon, as the city had reported no new confirmed COVID-19 cases for 21 consecutive days.

Urban buses are currently available during three periods -- 7-9 a.m., 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and 5-7 p.m., according to the city headquarters for COVID-19 control.

Passengers holding a green health code, meaning no contact with any infected or suspected COVID-19 cases, can get on buses wearing masks and with only one person occupying the side-by-side seats while riding.

Cab-riders are also ordered to wear masks, with mobile payment encouraged instead of cash to avoid cross-infection.

As of Friday, the number of total confirmed COVID-19 cases was 3,518 in Xiaogan.

Also, the city of Huanggang, one of the hard-hit cities in the epidemic-stricken Hubei Province, is resuming routine operation of public transport in an orderly manner, local authorities said.

Starting at 6 a.m. Saturday, public transport services including buses, taxis and road passenger transport were gradually resumed in the urban area, according to the Huanggang municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

Part of private cars are allowed to hit the road depending on whether the plate numbers end with even or odd numbers.

Huanggang, with around 7.5 million people, has seen the number of COVID-19 patients drop to zero as the last two patients were discharged on Wednesday.

Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H

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