WATCH: Seize the Quarantine to Improve Chinese Online!

Self-quarantine at home can be boring and difficult. However, it can also be a good time to catch up with your Chinese learning. You have ignored Chinese studies because of being busy with work or other plans since last year (Am I right?). So why not seize this opportunity to improve Chinese online together with Silk Mandarin?
Yes, let's take advantage of this quarantine, give your Mandarin learning a boost and check out our online classes! 
It firstly is good to know that all of the students who take Silk Mandarin's online platform classes are enjoying it a lot and clearly see the benefits it is bringing them. In fact, for many students of Silk Mandarin who live far or who need to travel often the online class has always been an important part of their Chinese course. The online option has helped them and still is helping them to maintain a steady learning pace.
Check out what two of our long-term online class students have said
I have been having classes with Silk Mandarin for one year, in that time I have completed both HSK 2 and 3 with high marks. I have been studying using their online platform Classin, one-on-one with Yanqin. The online platform is perfect if you live far from the city centre, with video conferencing, PPT and typing functions, its just like being in the classroom.Zoe, UK

This photo was taken the day when Zoe left Shanghai for good. Zoe and Yanqin become good friends after their  2-year online class together. 

I have been doing the online course as I am based in Shenzhen and it has exceeded my expectations. I feel anyone who wants to live in the China really should learn a basic level of Chinese. However, be warned, once you start with Silk, a basic level soon becomes something that you will not be satisfied with and you will find yourself wanting to be better every day.Jake, Australia

Jake works as a strength and conditioning coach in Shenzhen since 2017. Understanding and speaking Chinese often shocks the athletes he trains.

 How does the online class work?
Basically, the platform can do everything that you can think of in the real classroom.

A shared blackboard

*the blackboard can be saved after the class for review.
PPT, handout, audio & video presented and shared

Grammar drill in a group class

Hanzi consolidation in a group class

Watch the video to check out more details of the classes!

 What do we offer during this special time?

We open various groups to the online classes including short-term and long-term to meet different needs. The short term 1-week course is available for virus quarantine period and long term course is for consistent online Chinese study.
All the packages will include 1 free online trial class to help you set up on the platform and make sure your learning effectively. If you find it hard to get adapted to the online way of study, then the course can always be postponed until you can make it face to face when the school reopens.
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All of our online resources are free to access for our online students. 

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It's been a difficult and uncertain time for everyone living in China. But the Coronavirus can never be a reason to slow down our Chinese progress this year! We have a plan to reach the fluency within 1 YEAR, remember? ( see more

Even though we can't resume the face-to-face class right now for safety reasons, Silk Mandarin will always think of other ways to help you improve Chinese! The online class definitely is the best way and worth a try to seize the time to keep studying!

Teacher Xinyi (in her hometown Wenzhou) is having parttime evening group class with Yoda (currently in Tokyo, his hometown) and Lucie (back to visit her family in Moscow).
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Silk Mandarin is a modern Chinese language school founded in 2015, based in Shanghai and Suzhou. Their teaching methodology is definitely what differentiates them from other schools. Their in-house developed Slow Motion Technique teaches Mandarin with just one rule, instead of dozens. It has helped their students to achieve amazing results in a short time.All their teachers are full time employed, have a University degree, are native to China and bilingual. 

Silk Mandarin offers intensive programs, part-time programs, private lessons, online lessons, Summer camp and Summer programs.

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