Forced to Connect Online, Teachers & Students Are Going Nuts!

On January 27, China's Ministry of Education issued a notice postponing the start of the Spring semester in an attempt to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

To avoid complete disruption, online classes have been arranged to ensure students would continue receiving education while the outbreak is being dealt with.

However, things didnt turn out quite as well as expected for many teachers assuming those classes.


For starters, most of them have never had to use live streaming platforms and methods to teach their lessons, which has led them to find creative yet inconvenient ways to host them.

Like this:

Theyve had to figure out a way to hold their phone up high above sheets of papers, textbooks, or anything else they need to show in their livestream without holding it themselves.

Needless to say, its been challenging.

This is the most professional setup weve seen so far!

This means poor signals and internet connection - if any!

To circumvent this problem, a science teacher working for a school in Hangzhou had to walk up a mountain just to look for 4G signals and host her online class there, out in nature.

If you accidentally turn your mic off while teaching your class, thats going to become a big problem for everyone 

Online teaching is a challenge for many teachers. 

For instance, this online teacher believed the issue was due to network problems, when in fact  She had turned the volume down to silent.

But thats not the case for everyone. Some teachers have embraced the ability to share and teach their content remotely, feeling like web celebrities with important information to tell their fans.

Like pointing the camera directly at his face the entire class as opposed to showing the content theyd been discussing.

Or, on the more extreme side, live broadcasting about the anatomy of the external genitalia during an obstetrics and gynecology class.

Which, unsurprisingly, led to a livestream ban.

That awkward moment when you didnt realize your camera was still on and that youre supposed to have class.

This teachers stream was banned for smoking.

They were originally told earlier this year that schools would not resume until March, and suddenly had to continue with their studies through online classes. 

So. Many. Classes. 

But the upside of not having to go to school is that you can stay in your PJs and eat whatever you want!

Some students even get creative about how to skip classes remotely.

Some students become even more alert to certain aspects regarding their teachers; for instance, this one told her that she didnt wash her hair Thats nice.

But when neighbors are all having live streaming classes at the same time, it can also lead to conflicts. ESPECIALLY when one of them is more physically active than the other.

Parent A: I hope whoevers upstairs is done skipping or jumping around My kid is trying to follow his online class.

Parent B: Sorry, my child is having PE class.

Are any of you teachers and having to host your classes online? Hows that experience been? 

Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H


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