The 'Harsh' Reality of Working From Home for 200 Million Chinese

As recently reported (and probably based on your own experience), flexible working arrangements imposed by the Chinese government and companies across the country have led millions of people to give the home-office experiment a test.

In fact, in the past week alone, nearly 200 million people have reportedly been working from the comfort of their couch (or bed, dont lie).

And while, in theory, having such flexibility might lead to more productivity and increased happiness by not having to commute to the office every day, the reality can be far more troublesome than some might have anticipated.

This series of memes and photos will show you just how (un)productive some people have become since the COVID-19 has begun its national and increasingly global rampage.  (Not sure what COVID-19 is? Check out our other article: No More China Virus: WHO Gives 2019-nCoV Official Name!

What you thought working from home would be like

vs. Reality.

But how did this all unfold for the millions of Chinese who havent been able to go back to their apartments in cities where their office is based?

Today, were exploring life as a digital nomad from rural hometowns where many have returned during the Lunar Year holiday.

1- Getting settled in

For many, their overall work environment isnt particularly favorable as they have to make do with small wooden chairs, tables and whatever else they can find to work out of. But the most challenging aspect of working from home home has been finding a decent connection to the internet.

Those who didnt think to bring their laptops with them over the holiday have had to resort to much older generations of personal desktop computers and other less-convenient work settings.

At this point, it's not about KPI, it's all about making an office table that can use the plug.

Unstable connection Noisy parents and relatives talking in the background Babies crying Unclear sound.

Hosting online meetings has been unarguably challenging.

3 - Home distractions

Imagine having finally found some peace and quiet to get your work done, feeling in the zone when all of a sudden, you sense a few unwanted eyes watching over your shoulder. You turn around and without having even heard them come in, all your relatives are looking at what youre doing. 

Thats pretty much what working from home has been like for many Chinese over recent days and weeks.

And for the caretaking parents out there who are afraid that their children or spouses will die of hunger while working, feeding them has been a joyful activity. 

But its not just parents or grandparents who might be getting in the way of your getting some work done.

Pets are particularly good at making you not work. 

On the less cute side of things, kids are also experts at driving you insane when youre trying to finish something for work.

4 - Missing the office much?

Just when you thought youd be thrilled to not have to go to your office because of the virus, many have quickly realized that working home - from their parents home - can be just as inconvenient, if not worse.

But at least theyre getting fed. Constantly. 

What has working from home been like for you?

Have you been more productive, or the opposite?

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