Sherpas Emergency Coronavirus Preventative Measures

A Note from Sherpa's

Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Sherpas task force has formulated a response plan to join the rest of the nation in taking precautions against the further spread of the disease. We have taken the following emergency measures to provide customers with safe service.

1. We have provided our couriers with surgical masks and gloves along with a precautionary training program that includes instructions on how and when to properly replace these items. The company is equipped with clinical thermometers, hand soap, and sanitizer. The couriers equipment, including the delivery boxes on their e-bikes, will be sterilized each morning, noon, and evening. We will also measure the couriers temperatures on a daily basis. Any couriers who show the slightest irregularities will immediately stop work and be sent to receive medical treatment.

2. To ensure the safety of our customers and couriers and guard against the further spread of the new coronavirus, we will temporarily suspend delivery services in areas near certain hospitals if need be. We thank you for your understanding.

3In responese to the government's recent ban on the trade of wildlife, we will be carrying out a comprehensive inspection of all the businesses on our delivery platform to ensure that they are not using/selling any wildlife products. If any violations are found, the business will be immediately taken offline.

We respectfully call on every one of our employees and customers to strengthen their guard against this disease and follow the proper sanitary precautions, including: hand washing, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds. If there is the slightest possibility that you are unwell, please immediately visit the proper medical facilities to receive treatment. Together we can fight against this epidemic.


-The Sherpas Team

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