Chinese Live-Streamer Shamed After Wardrobe "Mistake"

Source: AsiaOne

Embarrassing moment immortalised on the internet or salacious publicity stunt gone wrong?

Either way, a Chinese live-streamer's recent broadcast went tits up when she accidentally exposed her chest to viewers and attracted a barrage of unpleasant comments from haters.

The incident took place when Chinese beauty and fashion live-streamer Chen Ya who has over 4.4 million followers on Weibo went live with fellow live-streamer Zhao Jing on Sept 27.

About 20 minutes into the stream, Chen raised her hands to adjust her hair, causing her cropped sweater to ride up and expose her chest. After realising what happened, Chen smiled awkwardly and adjusted her sweater.

According to a netizen, viewers commented on the stream to alert Chen about her self-exposure.

Chen reportedly responded that she was wearing nipple covers and joked: "Actually I exposed myself on purpose. You can screenshot it and send it to those clickbait accounts."

Zhao had a similarly cavalier attitude as she said: "No problem. If they saw it then they saw it. Your breast shape is particularly nice."

While the video is no longer available on Chen's social media platforms, netizens have been circulating screenshots and GIFs on Weibo.

And the reactions online have not been kind. Some speculated that Chen, also known as Fancy, had exposed herself in order to get attention.

Others accused her of having undergone plastic surgery and made fun of her seemingly unnatural breasts.

Netizens' scepticism may have stemmed from reports of the outlandish stunts that live-streamers have carried out just to pull in views.



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