Lotus Seeds, Red Dates, Tremella Fungus, Best Supplements for Girls

In traditional Chinese cuisine, Lotus Seed, Red Date and Silver Fungus is a famous dessert that is both delicious and nutritious. Known for its unique taste and nourishing effects, this dish is a common favorite at family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Preparation Method:

Preparation materials: you need silver fungus, lotus seeds, red dates and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Soak the silver fungus: soak the silver fungus in advance, remove the root and tear it into small pieces.

Boil lotus seeds: remove the core of lotus seeds and boil them in water until half-cooked.

Slow Cooking: Put the silver fungus, lotus seeds, red dates and rock sugar into the stewing pot, add water, and slowly cook over low heat until the silver fungus is transparent and the lotus seeds are soft and sticky.

Color and taste: This dessert has an attractive color, with the natural milky white color of the silver fungus, and the contrast between the rice-white color of the lotus seeds and the bright red color of the red dates, which makes people's appetite increase. On the palate, the silver fungus is soft and smooth, the lotus seeds are soft and glutinous, and the red dates bring a unique flavor of sweetness with a slight acidity.

Function and Nutrition: Lotus seed and red date fungus not only has a unique flavor, but also has a high nutritional value. Silver fungus is rich in plant collagen, which helps to moisturize the skin; lotus seed calms the heart and helps to improve sleep; while red dates are rich in vitamin C and iron, which boosts immunity. Overall, this dessert is suitable for health care, especially for women and the elderly.

Suitable Scenario: Lotus seed, red date and gingernut is especially suitable for consumption in the fall and winter seasons, which can provide the body with essential nutrients and strengthen the body's resistance. Besides, it is also an ideal dessert for holiday parties and family reunions, which is not only nutritious but also adds to the festive atmosphere.