JobsIndian CEO

Job description

 1. Responsible for the drafting and decision-making of major management policies and strategic objectives of the company.  2. Establish the company's organization structure and business system, in charge of the building of the senior executive team, selecting middle and senior management personnel, examine and approve the establishments of the company's internal management departments and basic management rules, handle external business on behalf of the company.  3. Make up annual business strategy and sales policy according to the company's strategic development plan, organize and prepare the annual sales target and expense budget with decomposition and implementation.  Need to grow the business scratch to a leading position.  4. Responsible for public relation events and keep friendly and cooperative relationship with local governments.  5. Report to the global CEO of China headquarters.


 1. Bachelor degree or above, over 8 years experience of business management, more than 10 years of domestic and foreign sales experience.  2. More than 8 years of experience as general manager or director of high-end brands.  3. Successful experience of leading or participating in the promotion and landing of well-known global brand products in Indian market.  4. Familiar with appliance distribution and installation/service network businesses in India. Background in water purification industry is preferred.  5. With strategic and comprehensive thinking and excellent leadership ability.  6. Good command of English and Hindi is a must, with senior business negotiation capacity.

Required Languages

English, Hindi

Part-time Business English Teacher| 10K - 15K RMB per month

Online Part-timeESL Content Creator-Short Videos|Under 10K RMB

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JobsItalian teacher wanted| 10K - 15K RMB per month

JobsMarketing Manager| 20K - 25K RMB per month

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JobsTranslation & Localization| 20K - 25K RMB per month