How to Describe The Moment You Fall For Someone in Chinese

Do you remember the feeling when you see the person that you have a crush on? It's like tones of happiness and fear to happen in your body at the same time, and all kinds of emotions just swarm into your heart, thinking you will be the happiest person in the whole world if he or she likes you too, but so fearful of getting rejected that you can't even approach them and say hi.

So, how to explain this complicated feeling in Chinese?  Thats what we are going to learn today!

(Png rn xn dng)

  • (Pngrn)=In one instant or one moment, suddenly

  • (xndng)=The heart starts racing

(Png rn xn dng) is a Chinese idiom that expresses the feeling of becoming attracted to someone or falling for someone suddenly.

And this idiom is actually also the Chinese name for the lovely movie Flipped.


w do xin zi hi j de n zhng png rn xn dng de gn ju  

I still remember the feeling of falling for someone.


t de wi xio rng w png rn xn dng

His smile makes my heart race.

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