Bored at Home During This Virus Outbreak? They Found a Way!

Weve all been urged to stay home over the last couple of weeks and for the foreseeable future as the virus continues to creep its way across the nation and we continue to fight its outbreak. 

Staying is safe.

Interestingly, the side effects of being constantly in your house leads to certain types of behaviors or adventures that, after a while, get you way more excited than you should be. 

For instance: traveling from your living room to your kitchen for snack time; from the kitchen to the bathroom to get rid of all the soda or hot water youve been drinking; from the bathroom to the bedroom to get some well-earned rest after all this indoor activity, and from the bedroom back to the living room to watch your favorite shows and do it all over again.

Are you feeling what any of our Chinese netizens are feeling as a result of staying home for too long?

 1.  Limbs are becoming weak and sore 

People addicted to their phones are barely moving at all.

 2.  Constant fatigue and possibly sore throat 

From stuffing their faces with food so much, constantly.

3.  Headaches and constant fatigue again

From sleeping too much. All. Day. Long.

Many netizens have shared short videos on social media depicting how theyve been goofing around on their own while at home.

I don't recommend trying this one out:

Creating new indoor games at home is fun!

As you can see, these people are wearing masks inside their home, but theirs are quite standard. Want to see some more hardcore protective masks that others have made on their own? 

We assure you, some of them are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Hit this link to read the article:  Anti-Virus Masks out of Stock? That Didn't Stop Them From...

As news of the virus spreading continues to develop and take more lives, some villagers have taken the matter into their own hands to block anyone not living in their town from entering.

Some of their guarding methods are quite drastic.

Outsiders are not allowed in. Or else

But after all this inactivity, at one point youre going to be bored. Your brain needs to remain stimulated, especially since you will have to go back to work eventually.

Life goes on. Dont let these hard times get the better of your physical, emotional and mental health.

Get moving! You can always find exercises and workouts to do on your own, at home, with a quick online search.

Read books. Learn new skills. Think of this as a period of self-investment.

Together, we stand strong and will overcome challenges that come our way.

Meanwhile, we send our prayers to all the medical staff and patients, wherever they may be, in hope that everything gets better soon!

Hang in there, China!  

Editor: Crystal H

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