Infected in 15 Seconds While He Bought Vegetables at the Market

A 56-year-old man in Ningbo was recently confirmed as a newly found case to have contracted the novel coronavirus after visiting a food market in the citys Jiang Bei district on January 23. The confirmation was released to the public on February 4 by the districts official social media account.

Whats especially surprising about this case is how fast the man contracted the virus. 

The places where the man went:

Video surveillance revealed that it only took 15 seconds for him to be fully exposed, as neither he nor the 61-year-old woman standing next to him while picking out vegetables at the same stall were wearing protective masks.

The woman is believed to have had contracted the virus a few days prior while attending a blessing ceremony.

The man and woman, now both affected by the 2019-nCoV, did not know each other before crossing paths at the Shuang Dongfang market. 

Unfortunately, 19 people who subsequently came into close contact with the newly-infected 56-year-old patient have already shown positive signs of infection. All of them have been put under isolated medical observation for further examination.

Please take a moment to read this reminder:

It is absolutely crucial not to go out in public without a protective mask on, especially in crowded places such as a food market. Stay vigilant to anyone coughing and sneezing around you, especially if they are not wearing a mask.

Apply hand sanitizer whenever possible to ensure your hands remain clean before and after touching objects that may have been affected by the virus.

Try to keep a fair distance of about a meter or so from people you do not know, particularly in crowded environments. 

Wash your hands as soon as you get home to avoid a potential spread of the virus. 

Be mindful. Stay safe. 


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