1300 Enterprises, 28000 Posts, Annual Salary up to 3.36 Million!

Source: HangzhouTube

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At 10AM on February 26, Hangzhou online job fair was officially launched. More than 1300 key employers provided 28,000 posts covering multiple fields.

In the field of digital economy, there are 151 recruiters, including Alibaba, Ant Financial, Alibaba Cloud, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang SUPCON, Eastcom, etc. Alibaba is recruiting for 17 positions, including Robot R&D Engineer, Algorithm Engineer, Blockchain R&D Engineer, Chip Software Engineer, etc., basically in the current cutting-edge field of science and technology.

In the field of new manufacturing, there are more than 230 recruitment units, including Zhejiang Geely Holding Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shilan Microelectronics Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Wahaha Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., Gree Electric (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., and CFMOTO.

In the comprehensive category, Zhijiang Lab is recruiting for more than 300 positions. The annual salary of several engineers and specialists is more than 2.5 million Yuan. Among them, the highest is for the Overall Designer, which is 3.36 million Yuan.

Tens of thousands of people attended the online job fair within 1.5 hours. In the field of biomedicine, 12,073 people showed up, while in health care field, there were 12,284 job seekers.

Hangzhou Medical Staff in Wuhan Receive Mysterious Take-Outs!

On February 25th, a Hangzhou medical worker and her 24 coworkers who served in Wuhan Tongji Hospital received milk tea and Pizza Hut's chicken wings, along with a card saying She who is a doctor is also a scholar and a knight! Truly yours, Jack Ma', which told it was a gift from Ma. It is reported that Ma also had sent them daily necessities days ago.

155 Foreign Actors Resume Rehearsal in Huzhou

On February 26, 155 foreign actors resumed their intense rehearsal in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Volunteers sent them masks, disinfectants, a forehead thermometer and other anti-epidemic things. "We don't need to go out," said Gelis from Russia. "They provide us with food, 3 meals a day. Every day, they take our temperature and give us masks. I believe we will get through this difficulty together with Chinese people, and we will have confidence in China."

Yiwu Issued Interim Rule No.21

Masks Arrive! 93 Retail Stores in Yuhang District!

On February 25th, Yuhang District issued a circular saying that in order to alleviate Yuhang residents need for masks, disposable masks would be on sale in 93 retail stores in limited quantity daily. Residents can go to the stores with their ID certificates to buy masks.

In addition, it is reported that the supply of masks will be more and more sufficient, as mask enterprises have resumed production, and some garment factories have also begun to produce masks.

93 Retail Stores

For Expats in Zhejiang