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Job description

Meitus global team is looking for an English writer/editor. The ideal candidate must be a native English speaker, ready to take on deadline-driven projects. This position will require simultaneous work on different types of documents for different products, so the candidate needs to arrange time properly. The position is primarily based in Shenzhen/Xiamen Primary Responsibilities: 1.Review and revise mobile applications in-app English copywriting, hardware tutorials, instruction books, newsletters, and all copies of the company websites English version. 2.Review and revise the press releases for all Meitu products and events. 3.Offer eye catching copies for Meitu products and services based on powerful insights and creative ideas that correspond to Meitu's company value. 4.Write necessary copies for marketing activities including in-app campaigns, social media promotions, paid ads and more for English speaking markets.


Required Skills/Experience: 1.At least one year of writing, editing, and/or translation experience. Experience in writing for traditional or Internet companies, in-house marketing teams, or public relation teams is a plus. 2.Strong background in writing copies for product/service, social media (videos and images); has a good collaboration experience with product, PR, marketing personnel and/or technical experts. 3.Extraordinary writing, editing, reviewing, proofreading, collaboration, and communication skills. 4.Ability to juggle multiple projects on tight timelines and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. 5.Ability to express ideas clearly and diplomatically 6.Ability to deal with technical content and make it easy for non-technical audiences to understand. 7.Intermediate or higher Chinese speaking and reading skill is a plus. 8.Attention to details. 9.It would be a plus if you like taking photos/videos or are a proficient PS user.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

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