6 Tips to Keep Your Natural Beauty without Makeup

For many, wearing makeup is a must. However, makeup is not the only way to get a flawless skin. Heres how:


Stay hydrated

Your skin is simply another organ, which means it relies on hydration the same way your other organs do. Drink plenty of water, and aim for at least eight 8-ounce glasses every day. You can use mineral drops or powdered formulas to add nutrients to your water.


Don't use makeup so often

If youre traveling for more than a few hours, its best to skip using makeup, which can clog your pores and leech moisture from your skin. The longer you wear makeup, the more damage it can inflict to your skin.


Use essential oils

There are some great essential oil blends that are fabulous for both your psyche and purifying the air (essential oil blends are especially helpful when you're breathing in other peoples germs and air pollutants for up to 20 hours). Apply a few drops to the back of your neck or mix them in with your moisturizer.


Catch up on sleep

Sleep is when your body repairs and rejuvenates itself, including your skin. While you sleep, your body releases important hormones, such as growth hormones that stimulate new cell growth throughout your body including within your skin. Aim for 8 hours of sleep every night, whether youre at home or on the road.


Eat a healthy skin diet

This may be more difficult when youre traveling, but its still important for glowing, smooth skin. Limit or avoid processed foods, sugar, dairy, and any foods you are sensitive to. Instead, choose whole, skin-healing foods such as avocados, wild salmon, coconut oil.


Protect your skin

It is essential to use natural skincare products to reduce your overall exposure to toxins. Anything with a molecular weight below 500 Dalton can seep right into the bloodstream.

A lot of beauty ingredients need to have molecules that small so they dont sit on top of the skin.

Think about it you want your moisturizer to absorb so that it hydrates. You want your foundation to melt into the skin so that it looks natural.

If a beauty product ingredient gets into your body, you dont want it to wreak havoc.

Read on to find out what are the best natural beauty products that will keep you looking gorgeous without wrecking your skin.


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