'Ambassador' of Traditional Chinese Culture, She Goes Viral

Have you heard of a Chinese video blogger (vlogger) named "Li Ziqi"?

Born in Mianyang in Sichuan province in 1990, she became an internet sensation both in China and overseas for putting together video content about traditional Chinese culture with a focus on food and clothing, among other topics.

But unlike other vloggers, Li Ziqis videos tend to be longer and diving deeper into each area of Chinese culture that she covers.

From making bread kiln, bamboo furniture and clothes to baking a whole sheep, brewing wine and soy sauce... Theres nothing she doesnt learn and cannot do. 

"I started my channel because I wanted to create something for people to watch and relax, Li once shared. Were all under a lot of stress, and I hoped that after a long and busy day, people could click on my videos and relieve some of their anxiety and pressure while learning something interesting about our country and culture.

Li Ziqi grew up with her grandparents and had to drop out of school after her grandfather passed away. She went to look for work at age 14 and began waiting tables for a mere salary of RMB 300 a month.

She then went on to become a DJ at a local nightclub. 

In 2012, after seeing how seriously ill her grandmother had become, Li Ziqi decided to move her and herself back to the countryside, where life is far more relaxed.

She launched her own online Taobao shop to earn some money, and began promoting her business by making videos in 2015.

What may only last a few seconds on screen can take hours to produce behind the scenes. Li Ziqi put in all her efforts into producing her videos.

Some of them could take as long as eight months to put together. Many of the skills required to either produce them or show what she wanted to show in her videos, Li Ziqi needed to learn on her own. For instance, she spent half a year learning Chinese woodblock printing before being able to shoot a video about it.

But Li rarely speaks in her videos. Its most often to call her grandmother to come and eat with her.

Shes replaced dialogue (or like most food vloggers, monologue) with hands-on practice, showing each and every craft she has spent a lot of time learning and mastering over time.

Her latest video on making soy sauce, uploaded on December, has received millions of views on Weibo and YouTube from all over the world.

She forgoes speaking, focusing on demonstrating her passion for life, her home, and her countrys culture instead. Every video is a story about local cultures and traditions. 

As one would expect, comments left on her YouTube and Weibo channels are mixed. Some praise her work and the beautiful scenery she portrays, while others criticize Li Ziqi for beautifying life in Chinas countryside as well as the professional video production crew she uses to help shoot her videos.

But none of it came easily, nor from the start. From shooting to editing, Li Ziqi did not have anyone but herself when she began shooting her own video content.

Shes also not using anyone else to do the dirty work. Everything she shows is her own work.

She had to buy professional equipment and software to learn how to shoot and edit all of her content.

Today, Li Ziqi has a small team of a few people to help her film.

I'm just capturing my ideal life," she says.

What do you think of her videos and journey towards becoming a famous vlogger? Do you think her videos are worth watching more than other web celebrities? 


Editor: Crystal H


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