Should Divorce in China Have a "Cooling Off" Period?

Source: China Daily

According to a newly released draft section of the civil code, couples are required to have a 30-day cooling-off period before their divorce gets finalized. Either of the parties can withdraw his/her petition within the period from the marriage registration office. Do you think couples should be forced into a cooling -off period before divorce?

GhostBuster (China)

All efforts are to help bring the couple together so that the family is complete and blessed with happiness and joy. People do quarrel over many things from time to time. The most important thing is to make positive progress. A broken family may affect all loved ones!

linda_sun (China)

A cooling-off period is needed especially for couples who make rash decisions and divorce hastily. But I don't think it should be compulsory. Every divorce is different and hence the law should be flexible as it has to adapt to each case and the parties' individual circumstances.

Seneca (Expat in China)

It is normal for the authorities to try to prolong a marriage and to put it back on track. If that succeeds, the couple have gained immensely more than they would if they simply got their freedom back. A marriage is not about rights; it is a contract for life. You should take a responsible attitude when a marriage does not work properly.

senoritazhao (China)

It could be a good idea in China. Most young Chinese couples got married not based on love and mutual understanding, and the current generation went through almost no trials and always takes things for granted. Sometimes marriages happen only because they think they match each other based on income, or out of expectations of parents. Immature relationships could be so fragile that a few quarrels would lead to irresponsible divorce. A cooling-off period would give young couples one more chance to make a wiser decision. Nevertheless, if the marriage is so rotten, they could still decide to divorce. So this cooling-off period sounds like it does no harm but benefits couples.

Jaaja (Canada)

Some couples divorce because of domestic violence. But worse than having a divorce because of domestic violence, is to not divorce because of domestic violence. I suspect however that many divorces happen for this reason and the number of couples remaining married under continued abuse is much higher. This is true in most countries. And if a couple (or individual of that couple) files for divorce, and the court even suggests they take some time to "cool off", the people may not want to give full details on the background, and take that time. Who knows what will happen then. In the worst case scenario, there may be deaths.

ceciliazhang (China)

It is too easy for couples to process their divorces as long as they have reached an agreement. Under the present law, couples receive divorce certificates immediately if they produce their marriage certificate, identity cards, property certificate and then sign a joint statement. It takes about an hour and the divorce fee is about 10 yuan. Many make hasty decisions over trivial issues and regret it later. Possibly a cooling-off period allows them to reflect on their decision to divorce.

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