Black Friday - 30% Off Your Meal Plan Stockpile!

On Black Friday, everyone goes on a shopping spree, buying electrical appliances, clothes, daily necessities, make-up, skin care products -anything and everything as long as the shelf life is long enough. Everybody takes advantage of this global super promotion. Who doesnt want to buy more? But stockpiling sometimes has problems. After buying a lot of things over a few months, you suddenly find that you no longer need it or like it and finally, you just put it on secondhand websites or give it away for free. Perhaps this is why some zero-waste organizations have been calling on everyone to think twice before placing orders and shopping during the upcoming shopping season. This Black Friday, TRIBE will explain to you why those who buy the TRIBE Nutrition meal plan will not encounter such an inventory dilemma!

9 kinds of diet plans to change at any time

No matter what you buy, once you get it, it is absolutely difficult to exchange goods. TRIBE Nutrition is not like this - you can start your product experience from the SLIM meal plan, and if in the following month you want to try a different meal plan to have while youre busy in the office (instead of losing weight), all you need to do is give them two days-notice. This can be done via a WeChat message to TRIBEs customer service staff and you can quickly switch to this new, balanced HEALTHY LIVING meal plan. If you see an article about their MEDITERRANEAN DIET meal plan, you can switch to try it - just eat whatever you want to eat! Maybe you are hesitant about the nine different kinds of diet plans and everything sounds good, but youre struggling to make one choice when you place an order. Choosing one doesnt mean you need to stick with the same choice the whole time. No matter what you bought or how much you bought on Black Friday, you have the opportunity to taste nine kinds of meal plans. (Note: same priced products can be switched at any time - higher priced products will require you to make up the difference.)

Here are the 9 meal plans they currently offer:

1. Healthy Living

2. Standard Slim

3. Accelerated Slim

4. Bulking

5. Zone Diet

6. Vegetarian or Vegan

7. Mediterranean Diet

8. MVP

9. Ketogenic Diet

For full details regarding each meal plan, please refer to

You can pause or suspend delivery when you go for a business trip or are traveling.

The meal plan represents the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, but it does not mean seriousness and rigidity. The meal plan is a customized distribution for your work and lifestyle. Business trips and traveling are not obstacles when it comes to starting a healthy diet. If you need to stop the service, you can. Just send a WeChat message two days in advance, and your personal consultant will wait for you to get back! Not only is the time of suspension and your schedule very different, but their meal plan delivery time can also vary to meet your needs; if you want to change the delivery time, call your private meal plan consultant! You can have it delivered whenever you want between 6am-12pm.

Give it to your family or friends at any time

If you tried it out for a while and you dont want it anymore, no problem. Just like other products you buy, you can give it to family or friends - just call your meal plan consultant and say I want to give it away! Its that simple!


Black Friday 30% discount on all products

No matter if you bought a TRIBE Nutrition meal plan on Black Friday before or not, you can unlock and enjoy the short shelf life (they never use preservatives!) meal plan products and snacks in different and flexible ways; what you have in store from this Black Friday will no longer be the same as the rest of the other simple and monotonous food choices out there!

Black Friday 2019 is TRIBEs biggest promotion of the year! Order any TRIBE Nutrition meal plan (except the MVP Meal Plan) from November 23 to November 29. You can enjoy a 30% discount (on snacks & relevant meal plans) when you enter TNTHANKS30 during checkout on their website! In addition to the 30% discount, if your order totals more than RMB30,000 (after discount) during the seven days of this promo, theyll send you a TRIBE organic restaurant voucher worth RMB2,000 (valid for one year)!

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