JobsESL English Teacher| 25K - 30K RMB per month

Job Requirements: 1. Education background in a related field. 2. At least two years of teaching experience with students aged 14-18  years old or a masters degree in Education. 3. Native English speaker. 4. Contract: Late August 2019 to July 2020. 5. Maximum Teaching hours: 12 90-minute periods. 6. Office hours: Weekly 40H, you are requested to stay on campus preparing lessons or tutoring students in the library, coffee rooms, or offices for 8H/day from Monday to Friday. Salary and Welfare Package: 1. Monthly salary: 18,000 25,000 RMB before tax. 2. Apartment: Teachers can choose to live in a sharing dorm in the school or live outside the campus with housing allowance offered by the school (2,000 RMB). 3. Performance Bonus: Up to 20,000 RMB before tax at the end of the contract. 4. Airfare Reimbursement: 10000 RMB per one-year contract. 5. Medical Insurance and Accident Insurance covered by the school. 6. Professional career development and training.


Mindset and interpersonal skills: 1. Capability in dealing with the complexity of a multinational environment. 2. Stress resilience and capacity to work under pressure. 3. Strong analytical and communication skills at all levels. 4. Highly motivated, energetic, communicative person. 5. Ability to negotiate and to express and explain school policies and objectives. 6. Capacity for implementing improvements. 7. Problem Solving and decision-making skills. 8. Capacity for working independently. 9. Creative, responsible, and a team player.

Required Languages


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