32% People Suffer from Hair Loss , How to Protect Hair in China?

International Tourism Comment website: Trip Adviser had an investigation over Bald rate across the globe and made a hair loss bald map.

From the map, higher rate of people suffer hair loss problem in developed western countries. So is the phenomenon in China, higher proportion in developed cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, less in west rural areas. This is a funny phenomenon why more people are Troubled by hair loss problems in big cities? We need to contemplate over this point which is closely related to our lifestyle, diets, and work pressure. 

No. 1 High Working Pressure makes our hair loss

No. 2 Unhealthy living habit

Some unhealthy lifestyles, such as Staying late, sleeplessness, playing mobile phone, eat very late at night, play important roles exacerbate hair loss

1. Reduce work pressure and change a better lifestyle

2. Scalp massage

3. Go to see doctor and try some medicine,the most popular ones are finasteride and minoxidil;

4. PRP treatment (Platelet-rich plasma); Inject the blood platelet growth factor into dermis to stimulate the hair follicles growth.

The above four methods belong to non-surgical treatments which are mainly to protect hair loss and help hair growth.  While for the complete bald area, their hair follicles no longer exist, these methods are not effective anymore. Its a worldwide challenge to make hair regrowth. Now only hair transplant can make the completely bald area to regrow new hair.  And the most popular techniques are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is to extract, separate and transplant hair follicles one by one from the head back donor area to the front or crown bald area.

FUE hair transplant costs about 30,000-40,000 in Europe, 6000-25,000rmb in China. In Hanfei Hair Transplant costs lower but best service, now recruiting 10 cases for hair transplant season promotion 80% off; after discount, the models price is only 2.4rmb/graft.  

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