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More companies with annual revenue of up to 10 billion yuan ($1.42 billion) can be seen piling into different market segments of China, inspired by the tremendous potential in the country's swiftly expanding consumption of goods and services.


China unveiled a new guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment on Wednesday, as part of the country's ongoing efforts to foster high-level development, according to the country's top economic regulator.



Artificial intelligence is bringing substantial benefits to China, and more global efforts are needed to make AI breakthroughs for new growth and shared benefits, top industry leaders and government officials said on Tuesday.


China and France signed commercial deals on Wednesday totaling $15.1 billion in such fields as aviation, energy, agriculture and finance to boost their cooperation, and vowed to jointly safeguard multilateralism and free trade.


A Chinese pharmaceutical firm has surged ahead of the US and Europe to develop and approve an Alzheimer's drug that could help the cognitive functions of patients with a mild form of the disease.


The overall myopia rate among Chinese adolescents reached 53.6 percent in 2018, according to a news briefing from the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, youth.cn reported.


Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has adjusted its mobile phone business and strategy in China, in an attempt to shore up its competitiveness, as the South Korean technology giant is reportedly laying off more than one-third of its employees in the world's largest smartphone market.


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