What? These Kids Can Read 100K Words in Only 1 Minute!?

Although there are still two months left till the end of the year , 2019 has so far been, arguably, the silliest year in terms of news reported.

One such news is known as Quantum Speed Reading; a method to awaken your childs mind and enhance their reading capabilities. 

This new method has recently been at the forefront of childrens learning curriculums, which led the following GIF to go viral: a blindfolded kid flipping through books at lightening speed.

In another video, children are seen sitting in their classroom and digesting through pages of a book like we never thought was humanly possible. 

This training class claims to train students, aged 6 to 12, on reading 100,000 words in just 1-5 minutes simply by flipping through a book at a very, very fast pace. So fast, in fact, that you barely even need to look at it.

But before you start laughing and thinking this is all fake, read this: Based on a highly sensitive person (HSP)s brain activities, once dynamic images are presented to the subject, their brain processes them at a much faster pace than the average person, which allows them to not only read but also understand the content being processed and retell what theyve just learned.


Personally, I cant even begin to think about how it must feel to read and understand things so fast I guess that puts me in the normal category.  

But as the institute behind these fast-reading training classes explains, "quantum is built on seemingly incredible things."  

Meanwhile, proud parents who are part of a common WeChat group for such classes havent shied away from bragging about their second-grade childrens abilities, particularly parents of a young girl who absorbed three days worth of content in only 2 minutes and 23 seconds.


The same institution organized a quantum speed reading contest back in August and released a series of video content showing children between the ages of 6 and 10 absorbing new knowledge like no other human.

Needless to say, it didnt take long for those videos to go viral.


Interested in enrolling your child in one of these courses? Not so fast there cowboy They come at a hefty price.

A whopping RMB 30,000 50,000!

Some netizens have found a funnier side in all this, joking about if you turn all those pages too fast, you might catch a cold! 

And while some programs may be looking to defraud proud parents with fake trainings, others are legitimately focused on improving childrens cognitive prowess.

Due to the high level of complexity that comes with quantum-anything, parents lacking such knowledge and understanding of this part of science are easy targets for scams who make them pay an IQ tax.

Ease of access to knowledge is far more widely spread today than ever before, but as this continues to become accessible to everyone all over the world, we have to be wary of potential frauds.


Source: CCTV

Editor: Crystal Huang


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