How to Choose The Best Chinese Learning APP For You?

The Best Chinese Learning APP

Language Learning APPs are hugely popular amongst millennials. APPs offer a convenient way to learn on the go. Lets face it, whether you are learning Chinese for proficiency exams (HSK) or fluency,  APPs are a great tool to achieve your learning goals. However, not all Chinese learning APPs are equal. With so many mandarin Chinese learning APPs out there, it can be a little difficult to choose which one is best for you.

To find the best Chinese language learning APP for you, you should ask yourself the following questions.

What's your Chinese language goal?

Are you studying Chinese so you can pass the HSK exams or are you studying Chinese to achieve fluency and be able to speak fluently in real world conversations? To pass the HSK exams you need exam skills and vocabulary training, to speak Chinese fluently you need a multi-sensory input APP that will develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in an optimal way.

How much time do you have to learn Chinese?

If you are like me, learning in the shortest time possible is always the best option. However, faster doesnt always mean better. This means you need to find an APP that fits into your busy lifestyle. The ideal APP would adapt to match your learning style and ensure you improve faster.

What method or technology does the APP use?

Some Chinese  language learning APPs are basically just online dictionaries, they give you the meaning of a word but do not offer examples of contextual use. Other APPs rely solely on rote repetition, which means the only way you will learn is by memorizing the text. This does little for your language development and limits your ability to apply what you have learnt in your daily life.

The Best Chinese Learning APP!

The best language learning APPs combine Artificial Intelligence, multi-sensory input  with  scientifically proved methods of language learning (Spaced Repetition, Gamification, Thematic lessons, Animated videos and Fun content ) to offer learners an optimized Chinese learning experience. Ensuring you achieve your Chinese learning goals faster, but also in a way thats best suited to your individual learning style.

If your goal is to pass the HSK Exams with a high score, then the best APP for you is HSK Online powered by AI. If you want to accelerate your path to  mandarin Chinese fluency, then the most ideal APP for you is Super Chinese.

Super Chinese has AI powered multi-sensory input functions that adapt to your learning style and help you speak Chinese more fluently. Thats not all, Super Chinese also integrates all scientifically proven language learning approaches to offer users an optimal learning experience. To help learners conceptualize faster, lessons are split into multiple themes coupled with animated videos and AI based spaced repetition.

Invest in your future today, make the choice that will change your life. Learn Chinese faster using artificial intelligence. Download the Super Chinese APP.

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