Two Mainland executives kidnapped in the Philippines 。。。

On Tuesday, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines issued a statement in which it urged the Philippine government to intensify its investigation efforts and impose severe penalties on the perpetrators of the abduction and murder of a Chinese citizen and a Chinese American. 

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines has confirmed the nationality of the victims.

According to a report by Beijing News, the Anti-Kidnapping Group of the Philippine National Police has stated that the local police are currently conducting an investigation into the case. 

However, they have not yet apprehended the perpetrators.

The embassy has contacted Philippine authorities at multiple levels to intensify efforts to apprehend and sentence the perpetrators, while also providing necessary assistance to the families of the victims. 

The embassy has pronounced the strongest condemnation of the murderers.

The Chengdu Economic Daily established Hongxing News, a Chinese news outlet, which reported that the two victims, Xia and Sun, were senior managers working for two different medical equipment companies.

They arrived in the Philippines on June 20 with the intention of expanding their business opportunities abroad. However, Hongxing News reported their abduction and subsequent murder on June 24.

According to Hongxing News, victim Xia was the international marketing director at a publicly listed Chinese medical equipment company. Hunan City College recognized her as one of the outstanding alumni of the department of materials and chemical engineering over the past 15 years after she graduated.

According to Hongxing News, Victim Sun's aging parents are only aware of their son's abduction in the Philippines; they are not yet aware of his murder.

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines has maintained close contact with the Philippine side after the incident, according to Mao Ning, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, during the regular press conference on June 2. Mao Ning urged the Philippine side to implement effective measures to protect Chinese citizens' safety in the Philippines and conduct a thorough investigation into the case.

Mao Ning also stated that the deceased's family has received assistance from the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines. She further stated that we will collaborate with the appropriate departments to assist the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines in closely monitoring the case's progress and managing the follow-up work.