A Chinese teen was attacked in New Zealand with a metal pole。

A Chinese schoolboy who has lived in New Zealand for seven years, or nearly half of his life, alleges that a metal pole assault occurred while he was riding a bus in Auckland.

He stated that this was the first instance of a racially motivated attack. "I have broken two teeth and completely lost three."

"I am unable to repair them at this time." I must wait for the wound to heal. 

He was "embarrassed" following the incident, as it was likely that he would be required to wear fake teeth until he reached the age of 18.

Despite the fact that there were more than ten people on the bus, only one intervened in the attack.

"I was able to control the woman and position myself in the middle with the assistance of a 75-year-old gentleman at the rear."

At the Williams Ave. bus stop in Pakuranga, the woman alighted from the bus and fled.

"We yelled at the driver, 'Do not open the door.' However, he opened the door, and she fled."

He believed that the woman was in her forties and had a substantial physique.

He expressed a sense of apprehension, stating, "This time it was a stick; next time, who knows what will happen; perhaps a knife."

The boy anticipated that sharing his story would motivate others to intervene if they observed an individual being assaulted.

"Be cautious on the bus, safeguard yourself, and, ideally, when an incident occurs in their vicinity, individuals will be able to intervene and provide assistance."

A metal rod assaulted a young child on a bus in Auckland on Friday. 

The woman had not yet been located, and the police confirmed that they were still conducting an investigation.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant James Mapp reports that an unknown woman boarded the bus and assaulted the victim with an object.

"The victim sustained severe facial injuries as a result of this unprovoked assault." We comprehend the dread and apprehension that events of this nature inflict on the community, and we will persist in our efforts to pursue every lead in order to hold this individual accountable. 

In our communities, the police have zero tolerance for this form of crime or intimidation. Assisting the victim and assuring the community that they are working to identify the perpetrator.

Mapp stated that the police are interested in hearing from anyone who has information.

A representative for Hato Hone St. John said that they dispatched an ambulance to the scene and helped arrange for the patient to see a dentist.

A spokesperson for Auckland Transport expressed their regret regarding this "disastrous incident."

"Our primary concern is the safety of all individuals who utilise our transportation network and facilities." "We can verify that we are cognizant of the incident." We are aware that the authorities have received footage from the bus operator.

Attacks on bus drivers have increased by over twofold in the past two years, according to data from Auckland Transport.

Despite the fact that there were 24 fewer incidents reported in 2022 than the previous year, there were more reports of assault against bus drivers.