July brings thunderstorms & possibly typhoons to this province

Southern China experiences relentless heat and thunderstorms in July. We anticipate temperatures exceeding 35 °C in the region, with a significant decrease in heavy rainfall beginning on July 3. 

The post-flood season and the dog days of summer are upon Guangdong. The entire month will be characterised by high temperatures, scattered thunderstorms, and the potential for typhoons.

Forecasts indicate that Guangdong will primarily experience four precipitation periods in July: July 1 to 3 (thunderstorms, localised heavy rain or downpours), July 10–12 (moderate to heavy rain, localised downpours), July 18–23 (heavy rain, localised downpours), and July 26–29 (moderate to heavy rain, localised downpours). 

Additionally, there will be four pervasive periods of high temperatures: July 4 to 9, July 14 to 17, July 24 to 26, and July 30 to 31. 

The upcoming weather forecast for Guangdong Province is as follows: 

On July 2, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, the northern portions of the Pearl River Delta, and the northern cities of western Guangdong can expect cloudy to overcast skies, moderate to heavy thunderstorms, and localised heavy rain. In other regions, there will be scattered showers or thunderstorms, as well as significant localised rainfall. 

On July 3, eastern Guangdong will experience mostly sunny to overcast conditions with localised thunderstorms, while other regions will experience cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms. In most regions, the highest temperatures will be between 34°C and 36°C, with some regions reaching approximately 37°C.