These New Regulations Starting July Will Streamline Daily Lives!

Starting in July, the implementation of electronic vehicle licenses in 60 pilot cities; regulation of "big data price discrimination" and standardization of "automatic renewal"; priority use of physical institution names in internet government applications... These new regulations will affect our lives.

Regulating Big Data "Price Discrimination" and Standardizing "Automatic Renewal" 

The "Regulations on the Implementation of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" will come into effect on July 1st. The regulations address issues such as big data "price discrimination" and "automatic renewal". It stipulates that operators must not set different prices or charging standards for the same goods or services under the same transaction conditions without the consumer's knowledge. Operators providing services through automatic extension or automatic renewal methods should prominently remind consumers before they accept the service and before the automatic extension or renewal dates.

Revised Company Law Perfects the Modern Enterprise System with Chinese Characteristics 

The newly revised "Company Law of the People's Republic of China" will be implemented on July 1st. The revised law aims to perfect the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, maintain social and economic order, and promote the development of the socialist market economy, providing legal protection for the construction of a high-level socialist market economy system.

Priority Use of Physical Institution Names in Internet Government Applications 

The "Regulations on the Safety Management of Internet Government Applications" will be implemented on July 1st. The regulations require that a party and government organ can open at most one portal website. The names of internet government applications should prioritize the use of physical institution names or standardized abbreviations. If other names are used, the principle of combining regional names with duty names should be adopted, and the physical institution name should be prominently displayed.

Concerning the Electronicization of Vehicle Licenses and Motorcycle Registration Services... 

8 New Public Security Measures to Benefit the Public and Enterprises Eight new public security measures aimed at facilitating the public and benefiting enterprises will be gradually implemented from July 1st: Pilot electronic vehicle licenses in 60 cities including Beijing and Tianjin; the public can choose to have express delivery services for handling traffic management business such as replacement and renewal of licenses and plates; applicants for inter-provincial motorcycle registration and other services can handle it with a "one-card pass" using their resident identity card... It is expected that these new measures will benefit hundreds of millions of people and greatly reduce the cost of handling affairs.

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