Why Would They Eat That?! Exploring 6 Curious Chinese Delicacies

Eating habits and preferences vary drastically from country to country, and even sometimes between regions of the same nation. And China, as many of you must know by now, is no stranger to peculiar dishes.

1. Chicken/duck feet

Yes, they look weird, both in their shape and when you witness hungry locals suck anything edible off of them. But once you get past aesthetics and give them a try, you'll realize they taste much better than they look! And chances are you might get hooked.

Chinese Name:

Chicken feet/凤爪/fèng zhǎo

Duck feet/鸭爪/yā zhǎo

Popular dishes:

1. Chicken feet with pickled peppers/泡椒凤爪/pào jiāo fèng zhǎo

2. Chicken feet with soybean sauce/豉汁凤爪/chǐ zhī fèng zhǎo

2. Thousand-year-old egg

This has once been dubbed one of the world's "most horrible" dishes, and for credible, visible reasons. But once again, it often takes strong will to overcome what our eyes see as unpalatable and once we taste it, free of judgment, many have come to adore such strange-looking eggs.

They are widely popular and used for preserved egg porridge among locals.