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A P.E. student went "viral" on social media recently for his new part-time job - helping others carry their children and accompanying them during a mountain hike.

Photo: screenshot from The Paper

A mother from East China's Shandong Province, surnamed Li, shared her experience in a video after hiring Fu Linghai, a sophomore P.E. student at a Chinese college, to carry her daughter while climbing famous Mount Tai on June 5, sparking widespread public interest.

The video shows Fu skillfully carrying the three-year-old on his back, ascending Mount Tai with ease and attracting admiration of many climbers. 

According to local media outlets, by the afternoon of June 4, amidst a group of five or six individuals at the foot of Mount Tai, Li entrusted her daughter to Fu. Carrying the girl on back with confidence, Fu led the way, effortlessly navigating the mountain's terrain. 

To the amazement of onlookers, he swiftly outpaced Li and her companions, frequently pausing to allow them to catch up. Remarkably, Fu reached the mountain top with the child in tow in merely two hours.

"People going up and down the mountain were watching me and the child in surprise because we were moving faster even though I was carrying her," Fu was quoted by media outlets. Fu noted that the girl was cute and behaved well throughout the journey. "I didn't feel particularly tired," he said.

Mount Tai is one of the most famous mountains in China with its highest point reaching a height of 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) above sea surface.

"The skills of what a P.E. student learns are being put to good use," netizens commented, according to local media reports.

Fu advertised a price of 200 yuan($27) to accompanying hikers and 50 yuan for carrying a backpack on his social platform in advance. Since the weight of the child is similar to that of the backpack, Li found Fu and encouraged him to give it a try. Li eventually paid Fu a total cost of 518 yuan for the service, which was cost-effective, Li said.

Fu is a sophomore majoring in physical education at a university in Ji'nan, Shandong. He had never done this kind of accompanying climb before, and this was the first time he carried a child up any mountain.

After the video drew heated discussion, Fu was inundated with requests from individuals seeking his services. However, he remains discerning, prioritizing safety and declining requests that may entail risks.

Fu said that he intends to continue offering his services during weekends and spare time, both to support his education financially and to provide genuine assistance to others. 


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