Foreigner Challenges Chinese Outdated Traditions, Goes Viral

Source: OT-Team(G), 加拿大驻华大使馆
  Recently, the topic "First Foreign Female Doctor in Sichuan Leads Anti-Footbinding Movement" has trended on Weibo. About 100 years ago in Sichuan, China, Retta Gilfford Kilborn, a female doctor from Canada sparked a new wave of anti-footbinding through her efforts.

  Among the missionaries who arrived in Sichuan in the 19th century, there were a few women, one of whom was Retta Gifford Kilborn, a medical missionary. At that time in Canada, the societal role of women was to take care of their husbands, children, and households. Medical schools generally did not admit female students, yet Retta earned a Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Chemistry from the University of Toronto. The church had stringent conditions for women joining missionary work, one of which was the requirement to guarantee celibacy to the church. If they broke this promise, their missionary qualifications would be revoked.