Cost of living survey : The most expensive cities for expats 。。。

The human resources service company Mercer recently published the 2024 Cost of Living Ranking for International Workers.

The ranking is a list of 226 cities around the globe, arranged in order of most expensive to least expensive. The exhaustive ranking serves as a valuable compass, offering guidance through the complex landscape of living expenses in cities around the world.

Currently, the most expensive cities for international labourers are Zurich, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Mercer's rankings have maintained the same positions for these three cities as they did last year. Islamabad, Lagos, and Abuja are the cities with the lowest living costs on the other extreme of the spectrum.

2024: The Top 10 Most Expensive and Least Expensive Cities in the World

This compilation of 226 cities included twelve cities from the Chinese mainland. The top four mainland cities were Shanghai (23), Beijing (25), Shenzhen (34), and Guangzhou (71).