Winter afternoon tea desserts

Crème brûlée.

Sparkling caramel tops this creamy dessert, and the perfect crème brûlée is a study in contrasts. Each bite should be mixed with a bit of crunchy caramel , burned to the very edge of bitterness, with the aromatic flavor of vanilla custard.
Usually made with pure cream, crème brûlée is the richest of all custard desserts and must be cooked gently in a water bath to prevent curdling and overbaking!

Egg Tarts

Follow the wafting aroma of an egg tart into a Hong Kong bakery for one of the city's most iconic treats. Perfectly sized for on-the-go eating, they are best enjoyed fresh right out of the oven when the warm custard meets the perfectly crispy shell. With a backstory that spans the map, the egg tart is one of the most delicious symbols of globalization.
Many trace their roots back to similar pasta in Portugal; these tarts traveled with Portuguese traders and colonists to cities around the world. After gaining a foothold in Hong Kong through nearby Macau, they were re-exported to Chinatowns around the world, where they tempted passersby from steaming pastry cases and store windows.


In the pantheon of the world's desserts, fried dough is a mainstay. Everything from French minestrone to Greek lukumades is a donut, so it's no wonder they're so popular; a quick swim in boiling oil turns simple bread dough into a quick and filling treat. But American doughnuts have a place on this list for their creative approach to fillings and flavors.
From Portland, Maine's Holy Donut to Portland, Oregon's Witch 5 Poison Donut, old-fashioned donuts have been packed under mounds of maple frosting, crispy bacon, fresh fruit glazes, and boozy toppings, taking the sweet tooth into uncharted territory.