Chongqing people’s fire menu—Naohua BBQ

When it comes to ingredients, people in the Sichuan and Chongqing regions have always been conservative with a surge of aggressiveness, they do not promote special ingredient choices, but once you crack the code of cooking a certain species or a certain part of the body, it can be used elsewhere without any obstacles, this innate racial talent, greatly enriched the Chongqing people's hearth and home menu. And on the recommendation page of this menu, two words are inevitably written - brain flower. At first, the brain flower is still a kind of meat gift no one asked for things, economic savings in Chongqing people can only cook every day to eat, and then pig brain flower coincidence was placed on top of the grill, do not want to put this simple one actually put out of the Chongqing Netflix gourmet head of the chair, and the chair is engraved with the name of each barbecue boss. Many people said that they didn't want to get the brain flower to sell at that time, but just wanted to try it. Grilled brain flower preparation work is very complex, choose the best brain flower, carefully wash, remove the surface glands, and then use ginger to deodorize, and then also need to be marinated with seasonings for several hours. Then the marinated brain flower is placed in a small box made of tinfoil, poured with sesame oil and chili oil, and then roasted on the fire. Brain flower is rich in a lot of protein, raw tender, good fire is very important, in the past in order to prevent the brain flower rupture are small fire slow stew, time-consuming, and then improved to optimize the brain flower barbecue process, and now the grilled brain flower time can be reduced to 15 minutes, 15 minutes is the temptation of the taste buds of the customers, but also on the test of craftsmanship. After the grill of the brain flower on the table, the flavor is delicious, the smell is mellow, and the mouth is soft. The hot brain flower enters the mouth, gently crushed with the tongue, squeezed in every corner of the mouth, and then slides down the esophagus into the stomach, although hot mouth, but warm heart. Roasted brain flower is a very high demand for fresh ingredients, the owner will rent a special cold storage to store in the neighborhood, so that the brain flower in the moment it leaves the body of the pig, the whole cold chain, until the grill. For the brain flower, people's attitudes are clear-cut, love to eat a never-ending, do not love to look at a glance will produce a shadow of the heart, which has become a threshold to distinguish between foodies, enough or not, depending on a brain flower how to be mesmerized. The boss's wife is responsible for the back of the kitchen cooking, the boss is responsible for the front desk greeting, may be this model is a little unusual. The boss's wife has not only mastered the barbecue skills, but also developed a new grilled brain flower, the popularity of which has been on the rise. Grilled brain flower in the hands of the owner's wife, completed the second transformation. Roasted Brain Flower in Stone Pot is also known as Tianma Brain Flower. In terms of ingredients, it gives up the spiciness that Chongqing people love and takes a small fresh route. Brain flower baking, put a variety of herbs, and then will be made of old hen broth, pouring it on, then, the stone pot to prevent the collection of juice on top of the stove fire, high temperature, the water slowly evaporate, the freshness of the chicken broth completely invade the brain flower, this pot of brain flower eat out of the love and tenderness, is the decades of the same boat, is in the jianghu of the mutual help. Roasted brain flower this single product, has long been all over the north and south of the barbecue store, the bosses will often buy three or two brain flower, do it yourself to eat, just a dozen minutes, the hands of the brain flower to bring him the purest joy, remembering the sweetness of the bitterness of admonishing themselves not to forget their beginnings.